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Breed of the Month - Greyhound

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Greyhounds are one of my favorite breeds and one of my bucket list items is to see and cuddle a greyhound puppy since most are at the race tracks and mot seen by a general practitioner.

Greyhounds are affectionate, well behaved and loving dogs. They can be a little more frightened with loud noises, etc., but are generally very happy. They are beautiful creatures as well and make a great running or apartment dog. They are very adaptable to different livelihoods. You do need to worry about having smaller animals in the house - remember that most are trained to race after rabbits. I believe Greyhounds are great for a family that has not owned dogs before.

Star ratings (0-5 stars)

  1. Adaptability: ***

  2. Friendliness: *****

  3. Child Friendly: *****

  4. Dog/cat friendly: ****

  5. Health: **** (the do have problems with their dental health, sensitivity to anesthesia and a higher risk of bone cancer)

  6. Energy level: ****

  7. Grooming needs: *

  8. Intelligence: *****

Let us know your questions and what breeds you want to hear about in the future.

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